P1C is a company which prides itself on it’s ability to adapt to and implement the ever changing legislature that pertains to the construction industry, especially that relevant to roofing with particular commitment to the NSW OHS Act and Regulations.

The safety of our workers, other contractors or any persons eligible to enter our sites is paramount. We truly understand that gone are the days where OHS is a distant second to the job getting done. However we also appreciate that there are time and budget restrictions which need to be adhered to. We pride ourselves on our ability to work within these constraints whilst maintaining the highest level of safety.

In keeping with P1C OHS Policy all employees are, trained, instructed, supervised, informed and consulted whenever hazards are identified in the work place.

We perform our own risk assessments, maintain our own SWMS, conduct our own site specific inductions. We keep all personnel registers with relevant tickets and skills. These are all contained within our Site Specific Management Plans which we have for each and every job regardles of size. Also contained within these plans are all other relevant registers and documentation for the job at hand.

P1C has a full OHS Operating System in place which is being continually reviewed and updated to ensure we are always up to date and fully compliant.