Asbestos Roofing

P1C are the asbestos re-roofing experts. The chances are that if you hire another roofing company to do the job, they’re likely to hire us to do the contract anyway, so why not save money and talk to us first!

We will change your roof faster so that you needn’t lose production. We use the highest quality Australian roofing and steel products. We have a highly skilled and trained workforce.

P1C has extensive experience with the removal of asbestos products and the installation of new metal products. We understand that extra care needs to be provided when dealing with asbestos.

We also understand that asbestos works generally need to be undertaken quickly yet with a very high regard for personal safety as not only is there the working at height factor but also the inherent danger of the asbestos itself.

P1C has a proven track record of consistently meeting any and all targets and requirements when dealing with the removal and replacement of asbestos.

P1C is well regarded in the industry and are often approached by other Roofing Companies or Building Companies to complete projects for them.

So don’t hesitate, talk to us about your upcoming project. We’ll exceed your expectations.