P1C Metal Roofing Contractors


Metal Roofing Contractors

We understand the diversity of commercial and industrial roofing systems: and can provide and in-depth examination of your existing commercial or industrial roof. At P1C – we provide an uncompromising inspection criteria on any inspections undertaken.

By analysing the general appearance of your roof – roofing integrity can be retained, faulty flashing conditions, guttering conditions, water egress, and the presence of contaminants from the environ or previous repairs. Not only your roof needs to be inspected but also adjacent walls are inspected to determine if there are any failings that could and can affect the performance of any commercial or industrial roof.

P1C Metal Roofing Contractors

P1C has been servicing the Sydney, Central Coast and Northern Beaches roofing market for over a decade.

Our qualified roofers will ensure your roofing needs are not only met, but that all of your expectations are exceeded. We take great pride in our work and our abilities and we are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves.

We have extensive knowledge of the roofing industry and are well regraded for the quality finish that we deliver. Our knowledge and experience is both very broad and very specific.

P1C uses only the best available products from the most reputable companies. We only use Australian steel products and we get our supplies through companies such as Bluescope SteelNo.1 RoofingLysaght, Metroll and Stramit, this way you know you are getting quality products that come with excellent manufacturer’s warranties.

So when you combine all this together you know you are going to get a fantastic product delivered in a very professional manner.

Rest assured that you are dealing with people who know and love roofs. We are polite, punctual and we care about your roof even more than you do!

We take pride in our work and we can’t wait to give you a roof that not only are we proud of, but one in which you are proud of.